Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Update number 2 to the GP38-2 project

Here are some pictures of my first attempt at going to LED's vice the standard lamps. Seems to work okay. I've already learned a lot. I knew how to solder, I should have realized I needed to practice that!

sadly, I've been sick and haven't been able to help Rick with the layout. But I'm not sitting still. I should finish up the first CSX GP38-2 tonight and strip the second one down tomorrow.

I used 5/32 brass tubing, cut with a pipe cutter (I need a sharper one) about 1/2 or a little longer. Fit's right in. I RTV'd the rear one and had to pinch (squish) the front one to make it fit between the number board glass. Wired it up, Blue to F7, yellow to F2 and white to F6. It works with the 0 key on the controller. It doesn't seem to match direction of the unit though.

Comments always appreciated. (I'm working through the camera and taking really close up pictures)